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Latest Update: September 28, 2020

We at Incrdbl Mobile Entertainment take the protection of personal information very seriously. We appreciate your trust and ensure the protection of your personal information in accordance with data-protection laws.

Our Privacy Policy explains:

  • which kinds of data our application collects and why;
  • how we use the data we collect.

By using Incrdbl Mobile Entertainment’s application (the Application), you acknowledge that you accept all the positions described in this agreement.

Which kinds of information we collect

While you use the Application, we collect information pertaining to the functionality of the application and its modules. When you decide to connect our application to your account with Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki or the other social network of your choosing, we also gain access to public information from your account, including your user ID and the IDs of your friends (or your friends list).

Your information

Our Applications gains access to the following information about you from your social network: your name, your profile photo, your region, and your email address. Your name, user ID, and region are processed only under the condition that you have decided to make them public. Profile photos uploaded by you are also processed as information that you have decided to make public. The Application will recognize a user’s email address as long as the user has agreed to the processing of this information. Information that you make accessible to everyone includes information that can be seen by anyone at all, including people who are not on the network.

Our Application does not collect or store any other user information. The first time you connect the application to a social network, it transfers information about your language preference, country, and age category to the application. If you connect the application to a social network, it will be able to access information that you have shared on the network, store it, and update it. The Application can update your records regarding your basic information, age category, language, and country.

Information that other people post about you

We also obtain information about you from your social network friends when they install the application and connect it to their accounts.

Other information we obtain about you

The Application also gains access to the minimum information necessary for its own functionality and to provide necessary services to the user (i.e. you). We receive and update data about you every time you interact with our Applications for example, when you tap in-game buttons, challenge another player, or complete microtransactions in the game.

How we use the data we collect

We use the data we collect about you exclusively within the framework of ensuring the working capacity of the functions and services we provide to you and other users, our partners, and advertisers. We may distribute emails of informative nature after obtaining a user’s email address.

Attention! Information transferred to third parties is anonymous and can only serve as statistical or demographic data. No personalized information is transferred to third parties. Your user ID allows the application to personalize your interaction with the application by linking your account in the application to your social network account, as well as by accessing your publicly available information and friends list.

We use the data we obtain about you to provide you with the application’s functions and services, as well as for internal control of the application, e.g. fixing bugs, analyzing data, checks, research, and improving the application’s functionality. Although you authorize us to use your data, you always remain the owner of said data. Your trust is important to us, so we will never transfer your data to anyone else, with the exception of a few circumstances:

  • we have obtained your permission;
  • we have notified you in part by communicating this information in the current Privacy Policy;
  • we have removed your name and any information that would make it possible to identify you from your data;
  • we have received an official request from a law enforcement entity.

We only store data for as long as we need to in order to ensure the functionality of the products and services described above for you and other users. In most cases, this period is equal to the duration of your use of the application (with your active use seen as essentially equal to the length of time the application is installed on your mobile device).

When linked to a social network, our Applications gains access to the publication of messages on your timeline in the social network

You can disable the application’s ability to post to your timeline in the Settings menu.

The Application does not use, publish, distribute, or transfer user data in a manner that contradicts this Privacy Policy. The developer of the application is obligated to delete all user data that has been obtained if a request to delete this data is received from the user. The Application will not include data obtained about users in advertising projects. The developer must never transfer any personal information (directly or indirectly) obtained from the user to any advertising network for the exchange of advertising or to companies that trade in data and not to undertake any other actions of an advertising nature even if the user consents to such a transfer of data or its use. The developer is obligated not to sell user information.


You can always un-link the Application from your social network account simply by logging out of the application. You can also delete the Application from your mobile device using the standard procedure provided by your device’s operating system. Keep in mind that the Application can also access your information when people you share information with use it.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. However, we will never restrict our users’ rights without their explicit consent. All updates to the Privacy Policy are reflected on this page, and we will notify you about the most important of them separately (via email with certain services). If you have any questions or concerns about the Privacy Policy of the Application you are using, please send us a detailed message at We will do everything we can to resolve whatever issues you might have.

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